In twenty minutes, Gmode washes your car  and makes it shine.┃Gmode



“I want to save time washing my car, but I still want it to shine.”  Gmode can satisfy your needs.


Test results showed a rate of 375% shine recovery.

Repeated washing with Gmode is highly recommended. Every wash makes your car shinier and shinier.
We can make sure  how Gmode works and how your car will recover its natural shine.

【experimental methodology】
We made serious scratches on a car surface with sand paper 2000 grit in order to get the clearest results possible from the test.We tested to see how it would recover and how shiny the car surface would be after washing with Gmode.The photometer shows us a number indicating how shiny it is.


The photometer showed 8 when a car surface had serious scratches.
It was 15 after washing with Gmode once and it was 30 after washing with Gmode once more.
This is proof that the more you wash your car with Gmode, the shinier you car will be.


What causes such an amazing result?


One of Gmode’s specific features is that its coating spreads uniformly and thinly to coat your car’s surface.
Gmode conceals scratches with its coating and makes your car’s surface smooth and shiny.
Scratches will be unnoticeable when your car is shining brilliantly.

Why do our customers love Gmode so much?


1. No technical knowledge is required. All you need is to wash your car as usual.
It seems difficult to coat a car yourself but there’s nothing to worry about.
Gmode was developed through continuous trial and error with our customers’ advice and input.
The main concept behind Gmode is to provide an effective coating and be easy for users to apply.
2. Gmode is perfect for the maintenance of your coated car.
Gmode removes only dirt and not the coating. Gmode prevents dirt build-up or stains while washing your car, and protects the existing coating by creating Gmode coating. The effect lasts for about three months. Washing your car with Gmode once a month keeps it at its best condition. Gmode is perfect for the maintenance of expensive car-coating and for those who wash their cars once a month.
*Some car-coating companies don’t cover maintenance by other products under their warrantee. Please check before using Gmode.


3. Your car can get a car wash with only rain.
The biggest feature of Gmode is the oil repellent properties that protect your car from dirt. You can keep your car clean of dirt and wash it away easily when it builds up.

You can see Gmode’s stain-proof feature in the video.

4. Get a new hobby!
Gmode has already sold 30,000 units total. We have received a lot of comments from customers such as, “It is easy to apply. I like it!”, “My car is glossy!” Those who were not even interested in washing their cars before enjoy washing with Gmode because Gmode makes it easy to stay clean and hard to get dirty. They’ve got new hobby now.  You can get a shiny car with Gmode’s high reflectivity.(*^_^*)

What customers have to say about Gmode

We have heard a lot of good things from our customers, such as, “My car was surprisingly shiny!”, “It feels so good to the touch!”, “I enjoy washing my car every time!”

“My car looks amazing and keeps its original color.”
Mr. Tsuguma in Miyazaki prefecture
“I like this brilliant shine. :)”
Mr. M. I. in Okayama Prefecture
“You can see how glossy it is.”
Mr. K. H. in Kyoto

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Stain-proof performance


The silicon resin coating prevents dirt and stains on your car’s surface. You can always keep your car clean with Gmode coating because it allows rain to wash off light dirt.

Oil pollution is one of the causes of stains such as water scale deposits and it is difficult to remove these stains with only water. The water repellent properties of wax coating cannot hold off oil and the oily dirt sticks hard to your car’s surface.

It is easy to remove oily dirt on a Gmode-coated car with only water and Gmode coating can prevent water scale deposits because Gmode coating is oil repellent.

How does Gmode perform as a car shampoo?


The most important thing when washing your car is to “try not to make as few scratches as possible” and “get rid of dirt and stains completely. Sand, dust and other materials on your car’s paintjob  can cause scratches when scrubbed.

A rich foam between the sponge and your car’s surface can prevent that. Additionally, the foam must be rich in order to work as a detergent.

Gmode’s foam consists of a unique mix of detergents that forms rich bubbles and it is as high quality as professional- use products.

*Please use “洗う幸せ” to remove hard sticking dirt or oxidized wax.

Q&A from users


Q: I have never washed my car myself. Can beginners use it easily?
A: Yes, it is easy. You can find directions on how to use it on this page.
Q: Does Gmode have antistatic qualities?
A: Yes, it does. Gmode prevents static.
Q: Can we use Gmode under a blazing, hot sun?
A: We strongly recommend washing your car when it is cloudy, early in the morning evening. You have to have professional knowledge for washing under bright, sunny conditions. Wash and rinse each part of your car evenly and your car will be evenly shiny.
Q: Are there any body colors where it can’t be used?
A: It can be used on any body color.
Q: Do I have to remove the previous Gmode coating film when I apply Gmode a second time?
A: Recoating with Gmode makes its original coating film better so you don’t have to remove it.
Q: How long does it last?
A: Gmode’s effects last about two or three months. You can wash your car as many times as you want and you’ll see your car getting shinier and shinier. We recommend you wash your car with Gmode about once a month.
Q: Can Gmode be used for a car that’s been waxed?
A: It is not good to use Gmode on a car that’s been waxed. You can wash off thin wax with Gmode. If it is a thick wax, use “洗う幸せ” to remove it.
Q: Will a car wash machine remove Gmode coating film?
A: You can wash your car with a car wash machine but choose a shampoo washing course. If you choose a wax washing course, Gmode’s effect will deteriorate significantly.
Q: What should I do for surface irregularities when I find them on my car?
A: You may find surface irregularities when Gmode dries with a thick coating film. If you do, wipe them off vigorously with a wet wash cloth to make your car surface even and it will look great.
Q: Is Gmode coating water repellent or does it have hydrophobicity?
A: Gmode has weak water repellency to hydrophobicity. Under weak water repellency, water flows like hydrophobicity on faces that are nearly vertical like doors. On the other hand, a little water can form semi-circles on horizontal surfaces like the hood.

*The most important thing is oil repellency, not water repellency and hydrophobicity.

Gmode doesn’t attach importance to water repellency. The reason why is that the most important this is “to prevent oil” buildup.
Gmode was developed in order to repel oil that causes dirt like water scales and to be able to be rinsed with water like rain. As a result, Gmode has weak water repellency. You may find some water semi-circles after rain but they rarely become water spots.


How to use Gmode with photos and videos

The standard quantity of Gmode is about three pushes for one fender. At the beginning of washing, you need five pushes as your sponge doesn’t contain any Gmode. Please add two to three pushes if you think you need more Gmode.


Rinse the dirt off your car’s surface with water as you see in the photo on the left.

There is solid dirt, splashed mud and dust in the rainwater on your car’s surface before washing. These solids cause scratches on your car’s surface if you wash your car with a sponge and carwash-cloth before rinsing the dirt off.(^_^;)

Remove these solids as much as possible. High pressure washers are good for this.

Start with five pushes of Gmode and add three more pushes if a sponge doesn’t have enough Gmode foam during washing.
Wash your car gently without pressing strongly.
Wash and rinse with Gmode for each part of your car.
You can wash your car windows as well. Your car windows have Gmode’s weak water repellency.

Wipe off the water and your car will be shiny.(^^)

It is easy to apply and all you have to do is wash your car as usual.

*Use “洗う幸せ” and “Reset” for hard sticking dirt.

This silent video makes it very easy to understand how to use Gmode.


As automakers constantly release new cars, our needs for car care have been changing.

pPeople spent all day long waxing their cars a decade ago. Now, we don’t have enough time to do this because we use automatic car-washing machines and we don’t have time to take care our cars. That is why “we’ve gotten lazy about car care.”

No. We don’t want that.

Cars haven’t evolved yet so that their surfaces don’t collect dirt and we want our car clean and shiny. So, we’ve produced “Gmode” to meet the demands of the present age with the latest technology.

Our main concepts are “easy to apply”, “protective performance to prevent dirt” and “reasonable price”. We produced Gmode to optimally meet our customers’ needs. “Gmode” is an original carwash and coating shampoo of our original product infor the new for the new era.

Gmode users love Gmode so much and we have received many comments that we didn’t expect. The strongest selling points of Gmode according to its users are its ease of application and stain-proofing. But we have many comments saying. “I like Gmode’s gloss the best!” and we are happy to hear that.

We will continue to upgrade our products and develop new products to respond to our customers’ feedback.


*We have changed Gmode’s stopper because of customer feedback as of Apr. 18th, 2015.




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